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KPBS Jun 19, 2018  | San Diego, CA

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March / April 2017 

It is with enormous pleasure that KPBS welcomes a record-breaking number of new members to the Producers Club, all of whom signed on in January and February this year!  With the support of members like you, KPBS will continue to find innovative ways to better serve the San Diego community by developing new programs and employing cutting-edge telecommunications technologies.  Welcome to the Producers Club!

Emilio Abordo

Jennifer Dobson

Dana Korey

Kathleen Sebald

Jules & Dana Abraham

Scott Douthwright &

Julie Krosmeyer

David Shapiro

BJ & Sybil Adelson

     Anthony Hammond

Daniel Krummenacher

Michael & Leslie Shields

Nader Amir & Layla Wu

Edward & Eleanor Doyle

Greg Kuziej

Dustin Sievers

Debbie Anderson

Mark Doyle

Alexandra Kwoka &

Tiffany Slipka

James Anderson

Ronald Duff

     Robert Seemer

Ann Smith & Mike Feuersinger

Gary Andrews & Jawon Kim

Aaron Duggan

Robert & Laura Kyle

Fiona & Nick Stavros

James & Karen Austin

Laura Earl

Annette Lau & Richard Rachel

Al & Kathleen Steele

Dewleen Baker

Christine Elliot

Lisa Levin & David Checkley

Joseph & Anne Stein

Brian Bell

Robin Fayer

Devon Logan

Martin Stevens

Cathy & Dante Bencivengo

Regena Field

Maryon Lopez

Dr. Daniel Streck

Rhonda Bennett

Susan A. Freedman

Patricia Lowenstam

Rachel Stroup

Ellen Beshears

Erin & Robert Gaan

Ron Manzoni

Donna Thal

Joseph Blatt

Lawrence Gabriel

John Martin & Suellen Lynn

Leslie Thompson

Donald Bloyer

Heather Gant

Sheila McCallum

Linda Thorp

Colette & Glynn Bolitho

Michael & Alexandra Garmon

Linda McCray

Toni Turbyfill

Matthew & Stephanie

Teresa Gonzalez

Debbie McGraw-Block &

Frances Utt


Scott Douthwright &

      Vernon Block

Janet Voinov

Esther Boynton

Renee Green

Ryan W. McIntyre

Glenn Wagner

Trudy Brass-Welch &

John Greer

Amy Migliori

Patricia Walsh

     Michael Welch

Robert & Laura Gunn

Christine Miller

Bill & Lori Walton

Laura Bretton

Kameshwar Gupta

Judith Munoz

Sarrah Warden

Kevin Brooks

Christopher Haddad

John Murphy

Kenneth Watson

Marilyn Bruno

Judith Halter

Eleanor Musick

Jeffrey Weiser

Natalie Burman

Norman Hannay

Claudia Ortiz

Kathryn Welch

Bonnie Burn

Crane & Elizabeth

Carol Ostroff

Katherine Welker

James & Joanne Callan


Carol & Larry Papay

Thomas Westerlin

Dan Cameron

Jennifer Kathleen Hays

VR Partida

Bruce & Gayle Wheeler

Ira & Jane Carlin

Martin Hetzer

Harry Payne

John & Vicky Whitley

Joseph Carlson

Kritin Housh

Wesley Peck

Derek & Sharon Wiback

Caitlin Carter

Geoffrey Hueter

Joan Pilgrim

Susan Wille

Carolyn Chau-Kha

Gale & Suzanne Hunt

Heidi Princevalle

Shaun Williams

Linda Cioffi

Jerri Hunt

Jennifer Ranglas

Jessica Wolf

Gail & Richard Conwell

Holly Huntamer

David Ries

John Wolfe

James Cooke

Erin Imsand

Paul Roben

Maggie Wolfe-Johnson

William & Denise Cuthbertson

Jennifer Jeffrries

Margo Roberts

Carol Young

Teri Dacy

Leslie Jewett

Tom Roetker

Kitty Yeun

Jacques Dallery

Norman Kenney

Julie Sarno & Jay Sarno


Michael & Erica Daly

Carol Ann Keppel

Tangerine Scantz-Davitian


Janeen D'Angelo

Jeannel King

      & Aaron Davitian


Gregory Daniels

Dan & Brooke Koehler

Mary Schilling



If you joined the Producers Club between January 1 and February 26, 2017, and do not see your name on this list, please contact us at


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Why I Love the Producers Club

- Susan Thompson -

John and I became Producers Club members in 2012, through spontaneous membership gifts we had given to KPBS. I don’t believe we knew there was a PC before that time, but we could not turn down the opportunity to join the gang at the Valencia Hotel, when all of a sudden we were pronounced members.  At the time we felt as though we already spent much of our unscripted time with KPBS or NPR:  we watched Nova, Frontline, MASTERPIECE Theater, American Experience, Rick Steves, Martha Stewart, Pati Jinich, Rick Bayless, Steven Raichlen, and listened to This American Life, Radio Lab,  Morning Edition, All Things ConsideredThe TakeawayWait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me, Prairie Home Companion. We were beginning to seriously contemplate retirement, and felt as though we would have more time to pursue those interests we’d had to put on a back burner. It was pretty easy to commit to the public programming we cared deeply about.


Since then, we have enjoyed so many experiences in the county that we, even though we’ve spent most of our lives in San Diego, would likely not have known about. We’ve been theater goers for 50 years, but went to plays at the Old Globe, Cygnet, Lyceum, Moonlight Theater, productions we initially had not been attracted to, but we went because the PC was going, we loved them. We went to museums in Oceanside (art) and Carlsbad (music) that we were unaware existed. Also, in Oceanside, we visited the El Corazon Compost Facility and came home with a bucket of mulch. I was so excited!
We’ve gone to private homes and country clubs for lectures, and to universities, symphony halls, and auditoriums for musical and read aloud programs. But perhaps my favorite activities have been those where we had an opportunity to hear up close and personal, those we have depended upon most for reliable news coverage and entertainment — Rebecca Eaton, Ira Glass, David Greene, Marco Werman, Garrison Keillor, Alison St. John, and my hero of all time, Gwen Ifill. (If Robert Siegel ever shows, I’ll be there in a minute!)


This past year we did the unthinkable: we traveled with KPBS to the Galapagos and Machu Picchu. Most of the traveling we do is on our own — we plan the itinerary, take care of flights, reserve hotels (with the help of Rick Steves, natural-ly), make necessary reservations for popular venues, secure train tickets in advance. This time we let KPBS do all the leg work and we had the most wonderful experience. We saw incredible sights, heard knowledgeable people, hiked, snor-keled, kayaked, and every place we stayed or ate seemed a destination in and of itself.


The people we’ve met at PC events have always been interesting, aware, personable, gracious, and those who accompanied us on this trip have become dear friends. We are so grateful to KPBS for giving us this opportunity to grow with others determined to know and understand more about the world we live in--not just “our” world, but the ENTIRE world.


Know someone who loves KPBS as much as you do? Invite them to join us.

Together we can keep public media strong in San Diego.

Thank you for your generous support and for being a Producers Club Ambassador!



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Balanchine & Beyond

Friday, March 10, 2017

Spreckels Theatre

6:00 p.m. Reception | 8:00 p.m. Performance

Cost: $60 per person.

In partnership with City Ballet, the Producers Club is headed to Spreckels Theater for Balanchine & Beyond. This evening will include hosted hors d’oeuvres and refreshments, a pre-performance lecture, and the ballet performance.

Purchase tickets at




It’s “Just” Anxiety Film Screening and Discussion

Thursday, March 16, 2017            

KPBS Studios

6:30 - 9:00 p.m.

A documentary film directed and produced by Susan Polis Schutz, It’s “Just” Anxiety takes you on the crippling ride people with anxiety go on every day. These people are stunted by the fear of what would happen if -- instead of living life. Reception is followed by screening and panel discussion with the director and interviewees from the film.

RSVP at 

For more information about Producers Club events, visit or contact Michelle Mucha at (619) 594-0915 or Producers Club events fill up quickly, so RSVP today! 

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On January 18 this year, KPBS launched three additional channels offering new, localized broadcast streams.  The three new channels support KPBS’ mission to reach local audiences with high-quality content while offering unique schedules, designed to provide viewing options 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This is the KPBS-TV channel you’ve been enjoying for years.  With a full line-up of children’s educational programs, award-winning news and public affairs programs, local programs that highlight the San Diego community, as well as critically acclaimed documentary, drama and entertainment programs, KPBS offers something for all ages.

Accessing KPBS Channels

For people without cable, all services are available via free, terrestrial television broadcast. All you need is an antenna. You may need to re-scan the channels on your TV to receive the new channels over the air.

KPBS Over-the-Air Channels

KPBS-TV........... Channel 15.1

KPBS 2............. Channel 15.2

KPBS Create... Channel 15.3

KPBS Kids........ Channel 15.4


KPBS-TV............ Cox 1011

KPBS-2.............. Cox 811

KPBS Kids.......... Cox 809

KPBS Create..... Cox 816


KPBS-TV............ 1221

KPBS 2............... 1277

KPBS Create..... 1275

KPBS Kids.......... 1276

Award-winning, original nonfiction content that connects viewers to today's news headlines, scientific advances, historic revelations and natural wonders along with exclusive dramas and encore presentations of the best that PBS has to offer. KPBS 2’s primetime line-up is locally scheduled and features the best of KPBS’ original content including KPBS Evening Edition, KPBS Spectrum, Roundtable, and selections from KPBS Explore.

KPBS Kids presents educational children’s shows 24/7. Programs include popular favorites such as Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Odd Squad, Wild Kratts, and Dinosaur Train, as well as PBS Kids’ newest series Splash and Bubbles, Nature Cat, and Ready Jet Go!.

Create TV is public television’s most-watched lifestyle channel, seen annually by 46 million viewers. KPBS Create presents the best educational and entertaining public television series— from America’s Test Kitchen to Rick Steves’ Europe to This Old House

For more about these new channels, visit DirecTV, Dish, and U-verse TV customers are encouraged to contact their provider about accessing the new channel options from KPBS.

[Note: Dates and times subject to change]

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Coming in April:  The Last Days of Jesus, The Great War: American Experience, new episodes of Nature (Puerto Rico, Hawks, Ancient Forest) and NOVA (Holocaust Escape Tunnel, Death Dive to Saturn, Chernobyl), and new seasons of A Growing Passing and Crossing South. 


KPBS Evening Edition | Weeknights at 5pm; Encore, Weeknights at 6:30 pm

KPBS Roundtable | Fri at 8:30pm; Encore, Sun at 10:30am

KPBS Spectrum | Sat at 5:30 pm

Ken Kramer’s About San Diego | Thu at 8pm, Encore, Sun at 4pm

Re’flect | Thursdays at 8:30pm

Savor San Diego | Thu at 9pm; Encore, Sat at 3:30pm

SnapShot | 3/30 at 9:30pm

Live at the Belly Up | 3/30 at 11pm

More local and California-centric programming Mon nights on KPBS 2 


KPBS Evening Edition | Weeknights at 5pm; Encore, Weeknights at 6:30pm

PBS Newshour | Weeknights at 7pm

PBS Newshour Weekend | Sat & Sun at 5pm

Nightly Business Report | Weeknights at 5:30pm

BBC World News | Weeknights at 6pm

Charlie Rose | Weeknights at 12am

Tavis Smiley | Weeknights at 1am

Washington Week | Fri at 8pm; Encore, Sun at 10am

KPBS Roundtable | Fri at 8:30pm; Encore, Sun at 10:30am

Frontline | 3/21 at 10pm

Independent Lens | 3/27 at 11pm

More news and documentaries 24/7 on KPBS 2


Midsomer Murders | Fri at 9pm beginning 3/24

The Brontes – To Walk Invisible on Masterpiece | 3/26 at 9pm

The Coroner | 3/30 at 10pm

Keeping Up Appearances | 3/25 at 7pm

Doctor Blake Mysteries | 3/25 at 8pm

Wuthering Heights | 3/26 at 7:30pm

More drama Tue & Sat nights on KPBS 2


Black America Since MLK: And Still I Rise | 3/13 and 3/14 at 8pm

Visions of Italy: Southern Style | 3/16 at 8pm

Rick Steves Special: The Holy Land, Israelis and Palestinians Today | 3/19 at 7:30pm

Rick Steves Guide to Cuba | 3/23 at 9:30pm

More culture and history Wed nights on KPBS 2


SciTech Now | Sun at 5:30pm

Mineral Explorers | Thu at 11:30pm beginning 3/2 & 3/30

Nature | Wed at 8pm

Spy in the Wild, A Nature Miniseries | 3/1 at 8pm

NOVA | 3/8-22 at 9:30pm, 3/29 at 9pm

More science on Sun nights on KPBS 2


Ken Kramer’s About San Diego | Thu at 8pm, Encore, Sun at 4pm

Antiques Roadshow | 3/27 at 8 & 9pm

World’s Most Famous Train | 3/27 at 10pm

Dead Reckoning: War and Justice | 3/28 8-11pm

Projections of America: Movies in War Time | 3/28 at 11pm

Secrets of the Dead: Nero’s Sunken City | 3/29 at 10pm

More history/biography on Wed & Thu nights on KPBS 2


Splash and Bubbles – New episodes | 3/13-3/17 at 10am

Curious George: Swings into Spring | 3/20 and 3/24 at 8:30am

More kids’ shows 24/7 on KPBS Kids


Live at the Belly Up | 3/2 and 3/30 at 11pm

KPBS Spectrum | Sat at 5:30pm

Get Down Tonight – The Disco Years | 3/21 at 8pm

Lawrence Welk | 3/25 at 6pm

Ed Sullivan’s Rock and Roll Classics | 3/4 at 8pm

Highwaymen: Live at the Nassau Coliseum | 3/6 at 8pm

Hamilton’s America | 3/12 at 8pm

Eric Clapton- Slowhand at 70 | 3/17 at 9pm

California Dreamin’: The Songs of the Mamas and Papas | 3/18 at 8pm

Rock, Rhythm & Doo Wop | 3/19 at 9:30pm

More of the Arts on Tue & Sat nights on KPBS 2


Classical Stretch | Weekdays at 5am

Martha Bakes | Weekdays at 5:30am

Savor San Diego| Thu at 9pm

Re’flect | Thu at 8:30pm

Forever Painless with Miranda Esmonde-White | 3/4 at 10pm

More lifestyle content – 24/7 on KPBS CREATE

KPBS 2   Antenna 15.2 | Cox 811 | Spectrum 1277    KPBS Kids   Antenna 15.4 | Cox 809 | Spectrum 1276  KPBS CREATE   Antenna 15.3 | Cox 816 | Spectrum 1275



Elmer Jacobo at or (619) 594-6314

Niru Ramachandran at or (619) 594-2028                  

Caitlin Bergin at or (619) 594-6731

Michelle Mucha at or (619) 594-0915                  

Vien Nguyen at or (619) 594-0851

Sheilagh Carlisle at or call (619) 594-0883            

Alex Kim at or (619) 594-7822

Trina Hester at or (619) 594-2104


KPBS Producers Club 

KPBS is a public service of San Diego State University.